Film, Foil &
Flexible Packaging

Flexible Paper Core options for the Film, Foil and Flexible Packaging industry

Our custom solutions for film, foil and flexible packaging can meet your strict requirements.

Marshall cores can be made using special materials and processes to deliver high strength and precise specification.

All our cores are made with 100% recycled paper board, to your precise specifications and tolerances.

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Roll of wrapping plastic stretch films

Cores used for film, foil and flexible packaging must often meet strict specification with tight tolerances. We understand that – So we make your cores to your precise specifications and work with you to determine the optimal balance between size, thickness, strength and cost.

We deliver them to you however you need to use them – boxed, in gaylords, on pallets, racks, bundles, etc.

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What you need to know about our cores:

  • Internal diameters from 1/2” up to 42”
  • Wall thickness up to 1”
  • Any length from ¼” to more than 50’
  • Custom printing capability – for inside or outside the core – text, logo, designs, etc.
  • Specialty liners and papers can be used inside or outside
  • Special treatments include embossing, color coding, text print
  • Packed your way – in cartons, gaylords, pallets, bundles, etc

Stocking Programs

We understand that predicting usage and holding inventory can be a challenge – we can work with you establish a stocking program so you can reduce inventory while still ensuring short order lead times.

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Marshall Paper Tube

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