Thread & Yarn

Marshall braider tube and convolute cores are used by thread and yarn manufacturers nationwide

Braider tubes for thread and yarn applications

Marshall offers a range of options for thread, yarn and bradier tube applications – in Spiral or Convolute tubes.

All our cores are made with 100% recycled paper board, to your precise specifications

Thread and yarn cores are used to wind valuable product and must meet strict specification with tight tolerances.

Our capabilities allow us to make the cores you need. Call us to discuss your specific application.

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Multicolored thread spool in storehouse shelf

What you need to know:

  • Our cores have smooth, blade cuts with no burrs
  • These cores are typically convolute cores with wall thickness from .090” to .125” – but can be made as thick at .500″ if needed
  • Custom printing capability – we can print what you need – text, logo, colors or whatever you need to help differentiate your products.
  • All tubes and cores are packed your way – in cartons, gaylords, pallets, etc.

Specialty Options:

  • Outside surface options – embossing, color coding, skiving, specialty surface liners, printing, etc.
  • Strength vs. thickness – we can work with you to determine the right balance between wall thickness and paper grade to meet the performance specifications you need.
Background with a lot of colorful coils with threads. Bobbins are stacked in three rows, one on the other. The winding is erratic. Multicolored threads.

Stocking Programs:

We understand that predicting usage and holding inventory can be a challenge – we can work with you establish a stocking program so you can reduce inventory while still ensuring short order lead times.

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